Roofs and fixings

We have been serving roofing and sealing professionals for more than 125 years:

  • Guttering hardware: guttering hooks, downpipe clips, accessories
  • Roofing hardware: slate hooks, tile hooks, various nails, roofing accessories, skylights
  • Fall arrestor systems: roof anchoring points, safety hooks

Access and work at height

We are in a position to offer all professionals complete solutions for access and work at height.

  • Ladders, step stools and step ladders
  • Individual Wheeled Platforms and Lightweight Individual Wheeled Platforms)
  • Aluminium or steel wheeled scaffolding
  • Facade scaffolding
  • Multi-directional scaffolding

Aeronautical maintenance

We offer specific customised solutions for the manufacture and aeronautical maintenance of all types of civilian and military aircraft and helicopter on all continents.

Industrial maintenance

We innovate with fully customised, secure solutions for working at height in manufacturing, maintenance and industrial servicing:

  • Aeronautics
  • Rail transport
  • Road transport
  • Maritime transport
  • Energy industry: electric, nuclear and oil

Fall arrestor installations

We offer a full range of fall arrestor devices designed to equip flat roofs on residential buildings and service or industrial buildings.


We offer an innovative fall arrestor solution (patented device) designed for all building trades. The SYAM is an anchoring point at height (fall factor 0), thereby eliminating any risk of falling, unlike an attachment point located below the operator. It is carried in a back pack and unfolded inside the worksite in less than two minutes; it rests on the ground and either side of the opening against the walls. It can be used by two operators simultaneously who have total freedom of movement. Simple, strong, practical and lightweight, the SYAM is suitable for all situations and can be installed directly in front of the opening or set back behind an opening.

Outside design

We have been manufacturing products for outside building design since 1936:

  • Aluminium and steel swing and sliding gates
  • Doors, grilles and fences
  • Forged iron glass porches, canopies
  • Decorative ironwork and locks
  • Guardrails for balconies
  • Guardrails and walkways for flat roofs

Metalwork and ironwork

We design and fit metal structures for buildings including

  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Guardrails for balconies
  • Guardrails for flat roofs
  • Grilles
  • Banisters

We have our own teams of fitters and can thus provide a “turnkey” service

Telecom infrastructures

Mobile telephone infrastructure operators can procure standard and specific products from us for access at height and for installing equipment as part of a network roll-out or lifecycle operation whilst ensuring the safety of workers:

  • Mast brackets
  • Bracing and offset arms
  • Studs to be sealed
  • Flanges and clips
  • Barriers and guardrails
  • Lifelines
  • Fall arrestor kits

Industrial sub-contracting

We offer galvanising and painting as an outsourced activity. Our qualified, experienced personnel have extensive know-how and can advise you on choosing the most suitable surface treatments for your products.


We offer services ancillary to access at height, work at height and fall arrestor systems.

  • Equipment rental
  • Scaffolding assembly and dismantling
  • Inspection of equipment


We train specialists in the use of our fall protection equipment and solutions.

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