Trust at height

Frenehard, Securigard, Tubesca-Comabi, FMS Ringue, Skyworks, Tendo, Artub, Roy, FM TSN, FM Merlet and SYAM – we are all part of the same family called Frénéhard & Michaux and all members of the family share the idea of height – scaffolding and ladders, accessories for roofs and roofing, fall arrestor systems and guardrails – height is the prerogative of our respective activities and their common denominator.

All Frénéhard & Michaux companies share a same industrial tradition and huge “materials” expertise focusing on aluminium and steel. Our nine production sites in France and eight international establishments (Spain, Netherlands and Germany) provide the means to an end – supply exactly the products you need in France and Europe.

Paris Préventica exhibition: thank you all!

We really thank all visitors of the Paris Préventica exhibition for the best welcome given to TRUST AT HEIGHT ! Frénéhard & Michaux group entities (Frénéhard, Syam and Tubesca-Comabi) were proud of presenting TRUST AT HEIGHT to…

The TUBESCA-COMABI, FRÉNÉHARD and ROY catalogues 2019 have arrived!

The new TUBESCA-COMABI, FRÉNÉHARD and ROY catalogues are available! Discover all our new products through these three catalogues!

FRÉNÉHARD & MICHAUX and CM-CIC Investissement: a high-powered encounter.

Scale the heights with us by reading the insert published in Les Echos at the beginning of November. Mr Frénéhard, Chairman of the Frénéhard & Michaux group and Mr Aubert, CM-CIC Investissement, discuss the close relations between their entities.


Just eighteen months after integrating Tubesca-Comabi, the French group Frénéhard & Michaux continued its external growth by acquiring companies in the Syam group on 29 March 2018. Syam markets a particularly innovative solution for preventing falls from a height.

FRÉNÉHARD Catalogue 2018

The 2018 edition of the FRÉNÉHARD catalogue is available. Discover the entire range of products, especially the new additions, in this new edition.

Trust at height®, a universal concept

People in their thousands trust our products to access, move and work at height every day. We are bound and motivated by this trust. It guides our projects and decisions at all times.

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