Founded in 1889, FRÉNÉHARD is the leading French manufacturer of roofing accessories, gutters and fall arrestor solutions for buildings. The FRÉNÉHARD expertise in the roofing business and a wide range of accessories suitable for the specific features of the French market make it the go-to brand for roofers.


SECURIGARD is a market reference for protection of flat roofs that are inaccessible to the public. SECURIGARD manufactures in France and markets in Europe fixed, temporary and self-supporting guardrails, hooped ladders, brackets for technical equipment, crossover stairs, etc.

Tubesca Comabi

TUBESCA-COMABI is a leader in manufacturing and marketing access and work at height solutions. The company offers both standard access solutions (ladders, step stools and individual work platforms), specific site access solutions (wheeled and stationary scaffolding) and industrial and aeronautics maintenance (maintenance docks). The company has two production sites based in France, specialising respectively in aluminium and steel works.

FMS Ringue

FMS RINGUE is a Frénéhard & Michaux subsidiary that specialises in risk assessment of falling from a height and the implementation of means to prevent this. FMS RINGUE develops and installs system to protect building professionals working at height.


SKYWORKS is a Dutch company specialising in safe access at height solutions. The company offers a wide range of scaffolding, suspended platforms and fall arrestor systems that are considered references in the Dutch market.


TENDO is a Spanish manufacturer of professional steel scaffolding. The company designs and produces two types of scaffolding – facade and multi-directional. Simple and versatile, TENDO scaffolding meets virtually all professional needs.


ARTUB manufactures and markets access at height solutions for private individuals – step ladders, ladders, step stools and scaffolding. ARTUB products are marketed in over sixty countries worldwide. The production is based entirely in France.


ROY is a French manufacturer of aluminium and steel gates and fences. The company offers a range of contemporary and traditional design products specific for outside applications. ROY markets its products through distribution, installer and independent fitter networks.


SYAM designs and manufactures in France an entire range of personal protection equipment. It markets exclusively in France and provides training in using this equipment, especially the SYAM Mobile Anchoring System. It is established in various countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. The company is firmly committed to preventing falls from a height.


GAMESYSTEM designs, manufactures and installs fall arrest systems on industrial structures and buildings.Gamesystem is the only company in the work at height safety market to be a manufacturer, independant installer and training center.

ma estructuras

MA ESTRUCTURAS est spécialisée dans le domaine de l’échafaudage de façade. Elle offre un service de location avec des prestation d’étude de projet, de montage et de démontage. MA ESTRUCTURAS adapte sa logistique en fonction de chaque projet. Equipée principalement d’échafaudages TENDO, MA ESTRUCTURAS évolue aussi bien dans les secteurs du neuf que de la réhabilitation, elle traite plus de 400 projets par an sur MADRID et sa région.

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