TUBESCA-COMABI has been manufacturing and selling height access, work and protection solutions for more than 60 years.
The company’s offering covers both standard access solutions (ladders, step stools, platforms, and access towers), as well as work site applications (fixed scaffolding, ladder lifts, temporary roofing system), and tailor-made solutions developed for industrial, aircraft and transport maintenance.


ALTREX is the Dutch specialist in manufacturing and selling of access equipment: ladders, step ladders, scaffolding and suspended platforms. The ALTREX products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

TENDO is a Spanish manufacturer of steel facade scaffolds. TENDO scaffolds meet virtually every professional need. Its production is entirely based in Spain.

MA ESTRUCTURAS offers scaffolding hire, assembly and dismantling services. Using mainly TENDO scaffolding, MA ESTRUCTURAS operates in both the new-build and renovation sectors. The company oversees more than 400 projects a year in Madrid and the surrounding area.

For more than 30 years, FMS RINGUE has been renting, assembling and dismantling scaffolding in France, and ensuring the safety of all types of working at height solutions. The company has a comprehensive range of equipment which enables it to adapt to all market requirements.

SKYWORKS is a Dutch company specialized in the rental and commercialization of safe access solutions at height. The company offers a wide range of scaffolding, suspended platforms and fall arrestor systems that are considered references in the Dutch market.

GAMESYSTEM designs, manufactures and implements standard and customized engineering solutions for industrial maintenance to ensure the maximum safety of operators working at height. Since 1979, Gamesystem has been the only company in the working at height safety sector which is both a manufacturer and independent installer, and also a training centre.

SYAM is a French company specialized in preventing occupational hazards. It designs and manufactures personal protection equipment, such as the Mobile Anchoring System (SYAM – Système d’Ancrage Mobile), and trains professionals on how to correctly use PPE.. It is present in over 35 countries through the world.

SECURIGARD is a market reference for protection of flat roofs that are inaccessible to the public. SECURIGARD manufactures in France
and markets in Europe fixed, temporary and self-supporting guardrails, hooped ladders, brackets for technical equipment, crossover stairs, etc.

ARTUB manufactures and markets access at height solutions for private individuals.
ARTUB products are marketed in over sixty countries worldwide. The production is based entirely in France.

Founded in 1889, FRÉNÉHARD is the leading French manufacturer of roofing, chadding and guttering accessories for buildings.
The FRÉNÉHARD expertise in the roofing business and a wide range of accessories suitable for the specific features of the european market make it the go-to brand for roofers.

LOGIS ALLIANCE is a human-sized structure that offers its customers an all-inclusive logistics service: reception, preparation, storage, packaging and shipping.

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