Our vision

Our roots are in metal products intended for roofers. Today, we support roofing specialists in their new building envelope markets. Our future is focusing on fall arrestor solutions and protection of work at height. Frénéhard & Michaux is a major French industrial group. Our ambition:

  • Create synergies between our entities to give birth to significant ideas.
  • Boost the base business activities of each of our companies.
  • Capitalise on our historical brands to win over new markets.
  • Extend the group’s presence in the building and industry markets.
  • Pool our R&D resources to develop our product ranges.
  • Forge a leading European group anchored in France in terms of manufacture.

Our mission

The Frénéhard & Michaux mission consists of unifying the group’s companies and brands around four essential areas:

  • no. 1

    Serve our professional customers with the best products and appropriate solutions wholly in line with their needs.

  • no. 2

    Offer a sincere, long-lasting and empowering work setting for our employees.

  • no. 3

    Offer a decent, lasting return on investments.

  • no. 4

    Assume our responsibilities towards society and the environment.

Our values

We have five values, in action like the five fingers on a hand. Our values are activities, expressed logically by verbs: listen, commit, innovate, protect and rise.


At FRENEHARD & MICHAUX, we take the time to listen to our customers, to understand their expectations so that we can design tomorrow’s products and services for them.

This sincere and constant focus in-house by our employees and colleagues is the foundation for a solid team and successful work.


At FRENEHARD & MICHAUX, we advocate a culture of initiative and empowerment. Assuming the commitments made, both between employees and with customers and partners, is a fundamental sign of respect and a guarantee of credibility.


We work together with our customers and partners at FRENEHARD & MICHAUX to improve our products and processes constantly. We encourage initiative, we question ourselves individually and as a group to develop new ideas and thus put innovation at the heart of our identity.


Height and safety are closely linked at FRENEHARD & MICHAUX. We give absolute priority to the health and safety of our employees. The quality of our products and the total control of our processes contribute to the safety of our customers and the permanence of their installations.


We believe in our employees at FRENEHARD & MICHAUX. Encouraging personal development, expanding skills and promoting team work are all part of our culture. We are proud of what we do and we value the men and women who foster our brands, our image and our factories.

Sustainable development

The Frénéhard & Michaux business sectors are concerned directly by the challenges of green growth. We are convinced that steel and aluminium, both materials that can be recycled ad infinitum, are essential in reducing energy consumption in buildings and forging a low-carbon world. The various companies in the group strive every day to limit the environmental impact of their activities, improve waste management and intensify recycling.

Quality and know-how

Since the first days of our manufacturing activity in 1889 and the founding of Frénéhard & Michaux in 1922, we have focused all our attention on the quality of our products and the service rendered to end users. Today, we are resisting the general trend towards uniformisation and rationalisation by offering wide ranges covering the specific and regional needs of our customers, wherever they may be. Our production tool, mainly located in France, meets strict quality requirements. All our factories are also certified ISO 9001.

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