Our vision

All Frénéhard & Michaux companies share the same industrial tradition, a great “materials” expertise focusing on aluminium and steel, and the same approach to height (light-access products, fixed scaffolding, collective and personal fall protection, roofing and fixing accessories).

Our 22 international locations enable us to supply exactly the products you need in Europe.

Our ambition:

  • Create synergies between our companies.
  • Reinforce each core business for all companies.
  • Capitalize on our historical brands to gain new market shares.
  • Grow in industry and construction markets.
  • Jointly invest in R&D to improve and expand our offer.













Our mission

The Frénéhard & Michaux mission consists of unifying the group’s companies and brands around four essential areas:

  • no. 1

    Serve our professional customers with high quality products.

  • no. 2

    Offer a strong and long-lasting working environment for our employees.

  • no. 3

    Provide sustainability for our investments.

  • no. 4

    Evolve in an eco-friendly environment.

Our values

We have five values, in action like the five fingers on a hand. Our values are activities, expressed logically by verbs: listen, commit, innovate, protect and rise.


At Frénéhard & Michaux, we take the time to listen to our customers, to understand their expectations so that we can design tomorrow’s products and services for them.

Always and sincerely listening to our employees and colleagues forms the foundation for sound and successful work.


At Frénéhard & Michaux, respecting commitments is fundamental for all.

We encourage an empowerment and initiative-focused culture which is combined with a duty of honouring commitments made, both between employees and with clients and partners.


At Frénéhard & Michaux, we work closely with our clients and our environment to improve our products and processes.

Encouraging people to take initiative and participating in inward reflection, both on a Group level and individually, to develop new ideas.


At Frénéhard & Michaux we prioritise quality to guarantee processes and products that ensure user safety and the longevity of constructions.

We give absolute priority to the health and safety of our employees.


We believe in our employees at Frénéhard & Michaux. Supporting personal development, skill-building, positive behaviours and teamwork are all key parts of our culture.

We outwardly share this pride by showcasing our brands, our image, our production sites and the people who bring them to life.

Discover our CSR video

Discover the Group’s CSR roadmap for 2023-2026.

This approach is based on 6 pillars:

• Human rights
• Working conditions
• The environment
• Fair trade practices
• The challenges faced by clients and users
• Our regional engagement


The group’s Quality, Safety and Environment approach is in line with the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards and is based on the continuous improvement of each company’s processes.


All our factories are ISO 9001 certified, which attests to the conformity and effectiveness of our customer management system in meeting the regulatory and normative requirements regarding our products and our organization. This certification meets our desire for transparency towards our customers and partners. It desmonstrates to the conscientious work of all our employees who are involved every day and is a guarantee of safety for our users.


Managing the safety of our employees in our companies is a priority and part of our DNA. How could we care about the safety of the users of our products if we didn’t care about the safety and health of our employees at work?

To go further, and to make our companies part of a more sustainable world, respectful of its environment and contributing to the reduction of GHG, we are working on a CSR program. In doing so, we have obtained the EcoVadis Silver Award in 2022.


The Frénéhard & Michaux business sectors are concerned by the challenges of green growth. We mainly use steel and aluminum, materials that can be recycled ad infinitum. The various companies in the group strive every day to limit the environmental impact of their activities by improving waste management, recycling actions and by working on the reduction of the energy consumption of our plants.

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