Just eighteen months after integrating Tubesca-Comabi, the French group Frénéhard & Michaux continued its external growth by acquiring companies in the Syam group on 29 March 2018. Syam markets a particularly innovative solution for preventing falls from a height.

This new merger thus expands the range of access and fall arrestor solutions and confirms the strategic focus of the Group “Trust at height®“.


“This merger gives us a chance to intensify the installation of the SYAM and increase the number of French and international users. This new manufacturing muscle will also be an opportunity to expand our product range fairly quickly by adding new products. These new items could be distributed under our original sales pattern which includes training and routine verification of equipment”, states Xavier Julliard, founder of the Syam group.

“This acquisition makes Frénéhard & Michaux one of the rare European players to offer such a complete range including collective and individual protection solutions”, notes Bernard Rothan, Chairman of the group, with satisfaction.


To find out more about the SYAM group: http://www.syam.fr/