We really thank all visitors of the Paris Préventica exhibition for the best welcome given to TRUST AT HEIGHT !

Frénéhard & Michaux group entities (Frénéhard, Syam and Tubesca-Comabi) were proud of presenting TRUST AT HEIGHT to interessed customers during the Paris Préventica exhibition (Porte de Versailles) from 21st to 23rd May.

TRUST AT HEIGHT gathers our best solutions and products to access, move and work at height :

1/ Audit, consulting, design, training, location, installation and follow-up,

2/ Stepstools, stepladders, lightweight individual rolling platforms,

3/ Ladders and roof ladders,

4/ Material hoist,

5/ Fixed, rolling, shielded scaffolding, and scaffolding on consoles,

6/ Hooped ladders,

7/ Bridges and light well,

8/ Skylight protections,

9/ Fixed and mobile anchors, climbing protections,

10/ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),

11/ Temporary guardrails on roofs and bottom of roof slopes,

12/ Permanent guardrails for flat roofs and balconies.

For information, Frénéhard & Michaux group entities are involved in:

– Building construction, development and renovation,

– Restoration of historical monuments and creation of special structures,

– Industrial maintenance in the aeronautics, transport and energy sectors.