We really thank all visitors of the A+A exhibition in Düsseldorf for the best welcome given to TRUST AT HEIGHT !

Frénéhard & Michaux group entities (Frénéhard, Syam and Tubesca-Comabi) were proud of presenting TRUST AT HEIGHT to interessed customers during the A+A exhibition (Düsseldorf) from 5th to 8th November.

TRUST AT HEIGHT gathers our best solutions and products to access, move and work at height :

1/ Audit, consulting, design, training, location, installation and follow-up,

2/ Stepstools, stepladders, lightweight individual rolling platforms,

3/ Ladders and roof ladders,

4/ Material hoist,

5/ Fixed, rolling, shielded scaffolding, and scaffolding on consoles,

6/ Hooped ladders,

7/ Bridges and light well,

8/ Skylight protections,

9/ Fixed and mobile anchors, climbing protections,

10/ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),

11/ Temporary guardrails on roofs and bottom of roof slopes,

12/ Permanent guardrails for flat roofs and balconies.


For information, Frénéhard & Michaux group entities are involved in:

– Building construction, development and renovation,

– Restoration of historical monuments and creation of special structures,

– Industrial maintenance in the aeronautics, transport and energy sectors.